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Compliance Services

Radiation Safety


Radioactive materials and radiation producing devices are important tools in modern scientific research and in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. However, the various types of radiation emitted by these materials and devices have been shown to be potentially hazardous to human health. Concerns over these potential hazards have led to extensive federal and state regulations controlling the use of such radiation sources.

At Indiana University, the Radiation Safety program has been established to ensure that: (1) any hazards associated with the use of radioactive materials or radiation producing devices are minimized; and that (2) all uses of these materials and devices are in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. Essential services and activities of this program include:

Our Services

  • Regulatory affairs and licensing
  • Review and approval of research protocols
  • Radiological hazard assessment
  • Personnel training
  • Facility safety audits
  • Radiation surveys
  • Radioactive material receiving and shipping
  • Accountability and control of materials and devices
  • Personnel monitoring
  • Survey meter calibration
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Facility decommissioning
  • Emergency response