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Office of Research Compliance Offices

The Office of Research Compliance ensures IU conducts its educational, research, and clinical activities in a manner that is consistent with regulatory, statutory, and organizational requirements. This collaborative effort throughout the entire IU community is designed not only to achieve compliance, but also to establish the highest ethical standards governing pre-clinical, clinical, and research activities.

Our Services

Our office provides the following services:

  • Conflicts of interest review and management to ensure personal interests of an individual do not influence their primary obligations to science, University, colleagues, students, and sponsors
  • Provide for the humane care and use of all animals in research and instruction
  • Oversee research protection as it relates to human subjects research, recombinant DNA research, and bio-hazardous materials research
  • Provide oversight to research investigators and serve as liaisons to the review boards and committees
  • Assist with coding and documentation for billing, privacy, and security in the research and non-research communities
  • Coordinate the radiation safety program commensurate with the uses of radioactive material (RAM) and machine-produced radiation (MPR)